The New Way to Rate Driver Safety:  Snap a photo, rate a driver, it’s as simple as that.  How’s My Driving Done Right!

New Ways to Achieve Proven Results

Our ‘How’s My Driving’ program is unique and different than the rest of the industry.  Learn how our system works, how it makes it easy to receive faster, more accurate reports right into your inbox.  We take one of the most affordable driver safety programs and make it easier, faster and more accurate.

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100% Accurate Driver ID

Every truck with a Snap and Rate Me decal includes a QR code that is guaranteed unique to the vehicle.  You cannot mix vehicle IDs with us.  Our competition makes it easy to mix up truck ‘TC3334’ with ‘CC3334’.  If you have a driving safety system today, are you sure all the reports are for your vehicles and not another fleet’s?

Our system uses a unique ID that’s 100% guaranteed accurate.

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Faster Reports For You

Get driver safety reports direct from the driving witness and cut out the middleman.  Our ‘How’s My Driving?’ decals get the report directly from the witness without potential misunderstandings.  Get faster reports directly in your inbox, minutes after a driver witness reports it, typically faster than all our competition.

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Safer Fleets

Getting feedback from other driver witnesses on the road helps make for a safer fleet.  Driver safety decals are a proven solution to bring down insurance rates and create a safer workplace.  Your trucks are monitored 24×7, you work on training and reporting when you can and want to. 


Our solution complements telematic, GPS, and ELD systems because it has something that will never be replaced- Other eyes on the road!

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Lightning Fast + Simple

Can you remember 11-13 digits quick, in under 3 seconds and remember it later?  Most people cannot, unless you’re a memory wizard.   Think about it, that’s exactly what a ‘How’s My Driving’ decal is doing today.  First, remember 7 digits, the phone number, then add in a 4 or 5 digit vehicle ID.  When you’re driving that’s almost impossible! 


It doesn’t have to be this complex, learn how our system is simpler, faster, and simply better!   

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