A New Answer for Fleet Safety

Faster, More Accurate Safety Reports

You’re not going to get anything new out of doing things the same way.  Our QR-Code based solution came out of the years of IT experience from the founder, Dave Carson. 

With over 20 years of IT management experience, the solution is built with a solid technology background to deliver faster and more accurate reports.  Founded in 2021, Snap and Rate Me is focused on delivering driving safety reports direct to the owner/operator.  Our system delivers reports faster to your inbox, so you can focus on ensuring you have a safer fleet.   





Safety Decals

Safety decals are proven to work in the transportation industry.  Take what works and make it better with our solution.  We’re working with insurance providers to have our solution accepted, and preferred.


Partner Solutions

We’re working with partners to provide ELD solutions and GPS solutions for you.  Aiming to be a comprehensive partner, we bring a suite of solutions for our customers through effective partnerships. 


A Dedicated Team

We’re a growing team dedicated to your happiness and satisfaction.  We work to keep this system working 24×7 to take, deliver reports, and deliver the best service to you.  We know you have a choice and we aim to exceed your expectations.