How’s My Driving Decals

And How our System Works

How our QR-Code system is different, how that works for you, can be seen in three simple steps:

Step 1-Driver Witness

The other driver, or witness, sees safe or unsafe driving and decides to report it.  They use their phone and camera app to scan the QR code unique to your truck.

Step 2-Report is Received

The witness says OK to share location, and clicks the record button to record the description of the incident.  That recording is saved and later shared.

Step 3-Report Delivery

The Owner / Operator receives an Email with the GPS coordinates of the incident, the time, a guaranteed vehicle ID, and a description of what happened.


Driver Witness Observation

The driver witness, who’s going to report positive or negative driving, observes something and decides to act.

Step 1-Driver Witness

Another driver is going to report safe or unsafe driving.  They pull out their smartphone and choose to snap a photo in a couple of touches to their phone.

On Android or IOS, the phone will prompt you to visit the webpage.  The webpage for the truck is unique to that vehicle, guaranteed.  We use a unique URL per vehicle that’s 32 characters, which makes it virtually impossible to duplicate.  When the witness visits the page the time and date are stored for the visit.

Step 2-Report is Received

The page prompts the witness for their location.  This data, if OK’d by the witness, provides the GPS coordinates for the incident swiftly and in the background.  This is a ‘fine’ location in mobile phone developer language.  We also provide the IP address information, or the coarse location, to the owner/operator.  This is a backup in case the witness doesn’t provide the GPS location.  Coarse location is typically accurate within a couple of blocks, or about the same as a major intersection report to another How’s My Driving service. 

Next, the witness is prompted to record what’s going on.  The witness hits a record button on the page prompting them for access to their Mic.  Now they can record a message and report it back to the Owner/operator.  This message is delivered in the next step.

Report is Received 

With an OK from the witness both the location and a recording of the incident occurs.  

Report Delivery

The Owner/Operator receives an Email for each report.  The Email contains the date/time of the event, the driver’s ID, the GPS location (or coarse location) for the incident, and the recording straight from the witness. 

Step 3-Report Delivery

Within minutes, or typically under one minute, the owner/operator receives an Email with the alert details.  This Email contains all the same information received:

  • The date/time of the incident
  • The vehicle ID which is matched up with the driver
  • The location of the event delivered as coarse, or roughly the nearest intersection, to the fine location, an exact GPS location, as long as the witness provides it.
  • An attached MP3 file which is the recording of the witness stating what is going on-positive or negative.  
  • A transcribed copy of the message from the witness written in a text-copy in the Email. 

All of this information is put into your inbox so you have the power to act now or later.    Our services are simpler, faster, and more accurate than competing solutions.  Try out our solution to see  ‘how’s your fleet driving’ and see how we can bring fast, affordable solutions to your team.  

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